keskiviikko 12. maaliskuuta 2014

As expected, after the spectacular win in 1/8 Worlds in Tokyo, PICCO has boosted their production and marketing on their complete line of engines. Most of them have been "re vamped" with new features, putting them now in par with the best (that is NovaRossi...) Their pricing is realistic, materials first rate-there are no "clearance versions" to sell old stock such as NovaRossi is famous for doing most of the time...
The marine 21 engine is completely new, modified from the WC 2013 engine. the Boost engine similarly. then there is the  "Stock class 21" that is good for both on and Off road hobby use. I will also import the Traxxas 21 retrofit engines, if demand rises. As with On road, Picco supplies different muffler combinations for Off road use also:   The Efra 2046 is for high grip/hard surfaces and Efra 2099 for low frip/loose surfaces, so you can dial your engine right. Pls remember also the carb inserts, they limit the power and fuel usage as well.

torstai 6. maaliskuuta 2014

I have chosen another tire supplier to complement the MATRIX tires Shepherd supplies us. Yes another Italian brand HOT RACE TIRES. Like the Shepherd lines Enneti and Matrix, they produce the tires for the ENS series for 2014. Hot Race also makes both foam and rubber tires for 1/10 nitro & Electric touring and on top of that 1/12 carpet foam tires with carbon wheels. Therefore Hot Race is a good addition to our inventory and hopefully a good seller thru the summer AND WINTER SEASON.
Another important item for the pit work is PROPER TOOLS ! Shepherd ( among other makes) has a nice tool kit. With Shepherd logo, of couse !

tiistai 25. helmikuuta 2014

Now the shipment of VP/Powermaster ready to race NITROFUELS is coming from California/USA as surface shipment. We are offering all the blends for Nitro racers: 16% Nitro blend for 1/8 offroad and 1/10 touring racers. 25% Nitro blend for 1/8 "free rules on road and off road races" ( With ROAR rules) then there is the 50% Nitro blend for Marine hydro racers and also the blend for you just to mix straight Methanol/castor to suit your own percentage of nitro. The fourth is a special Helicopter blend with 30% Nitro and low viscosity oil package to suit the 3D helicopter pilots that want to run their 50 to 90 nitro engines full power all the time. This use  is really tough on lubrication, I can tell you ! VP Racing fuels is the world leader in this field. They supply fuels to the drag racing community in USA and here in Europe. They also supply the fuel to INDY as well as RENO AIR RACES, so you can be pretty sure they know their stuff. The "Specialty Engineering" in Finland  is a Dragster shop is the actual importer and Racing Hobby is the sole dealer. I will have test sessions when the track opens, so you guys can have a few tanks to test as well as the new glo Plugs i will be selling. Something new to you nitro guys...

maanantai 24. helmikuuta 2014

Those that know me and my business RACING HOBBY, know that  have a soft spot for TEAM ASSOCIATED. When choosing the brand for the "New racing hobby"  there is no 1/8 On road Associated car available. The natural choice was SHEPHERD, the very good German car, that has first rate service and is made in EUROPE !. When choosing the offroad car, my choice is ASSOCIATED. partly because I know the persons behind it, Gene Hustings, Roger Curtis and Cliff Lett. gene and Rogers are now retired and I have spoken to Cliff, a great guy ! The other reason is that when I sold the sole importing rghts to Similä family, the ownership of Associated company went to Thunder Tiger and also the importing right to CARROCAR in Sweden. Pete de Carro is a life long racing friend of mine. He is enthusiastic of the idea that I reactivate myself as a Associated seller in Finland. We are just dealers like the other Finnish importer of associated. I am concentrating on the Nitro 1/8 offroad Associated car, along with offroad PICCO engines.
I believe it will be a winning combination, with new ideas here and there. heikki naulapää will be my driver, hlping me to develop and perfect the team effort.
If you wonder about the electric Associated cars, yes ! We import also them but on demand, in the beginning. I want the "NITRO SCENE" to be perfected first, both Shepherd and Associated.

tiistai 7. tammikuuta 2014

You know, guys: Racing Hobby was a Rossi/Novarossi distributor all the way from 2,5ccspeed motors and 10cc F3A stunt motors. When Ugo Rossi and later Cesare Rossi started producing car 21 engines, we had them. I was also actively with them for the development of those great engines. During my "absence" I was running Novarossi TOP engines in my hydros and cats. The 21 cat engine needed a conversion kit to run in a lawless (K&B) lower end. Now novarossi has a ready to race powerhead both for 21 cats using the OS lower end and a special "in line" 21 hydro motor. Both are called  KEEP 21. I am pleasedd to inform you that Racing Hobby Finland is the distributor for TOP Keep 21 MARINE ENGINE LINE plus pipes ,spares and glo plugs

We also carry a line of HUDY tools and mech equipment.

lauantai 28. joulukuuta 2013

Hey, 2014 is almost here... Time to pull all those nice toys from the attic and start preparing them
for next years races. The Shepherd 1/8 race team with "rent a race" nitro cars is of couse the main activity but let`s not forget the nitro marine cats. I will propably also try to get some activity to electrics, too...

sunnuntai 22. joulukuuta 2013

If you want to build a great 21 Nitro Hydroplane for competition, I suggest you check to Niklas Edlunds KEPS designs. They are available at NE Stuff blog with drawings that you can load to a stick and bring to photo copy vendor anf have plans made in 1:1 . Then niklas has very good isntructions on the web. Also a list of hardware you are able to order. Engines, pipes, props, axles etc are available from me, Racing Hobby, just like 25 years ago.. maybe the specs of the stuff has improved a bit...